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J&K Tackle |  Carp Gear |  Rods |  Daiwa

Daiwa Powermesh Carp RodsDaiwa Powermesh Carp Rods
NEW FOR 2017!!!

Powermesh carp rods have an excellent reputation for power and durability with plenty of fish playing action.

These reinforced blanks will deliver superior casting performance with all models comfortable punching beyond 100yds. The shorter 9’ stalking model is ideal for close range action or for when landing fish from a boat may be called for.

* High grade carbon blanks with 1K woven carbon
* FUJI DPS reel seat
* Slim profile shrink grip handle
* Stainless steel frame guides
* Lightweight LS ceramic rings
* 50mm Butt guides (Except PMC2214FS-AU Floater)
* Aluminium butt cap
* Also included in the range 9’ 2.75lb Stalker rod

Powermesh 9' 2.75lb Stalker RRP £99.99 - Ours £64.99

Powermesh 12' 3.00b RRP £165.00 - Ours £99.99

Powermesh 12' 3.50b RRP £165.00 - Ours £99.99

Powermesh 12' 4.50lb Spod RRP £175.00 - Ours £104.99


Daiwa Black Widow G50 Carp RodsDaiwa Black Widow G50 Carp Rods
NEW FOR 2017!!!

The Black Widows offer power and distance with good fish playing properties.

The action allows for high casting power and surprising accuracy. Notably, when playing fish each rod will load across its length when required. This results in a good cushion for hook holds and ‘under the tip’ lunges.

* Lightweight carbon blanks
* DPS style reel seat
* Slim profile full shrink grip handle
* Stainless steel frame guides
* Lightweight LS ceramic rings
* 50mm Butt guides (Except BWC0300-BU - Stalker model)
* Aluminium butt cap

10' 3.00lb Stalker - RRP £64.99
12' 3.25lb - RRP £79.99
12' 3.50lb - RRP £79.99
12' 4.50lb Spod - £84.99

10' 3.00lb Black Widow G50 Stalker Rod - £42.99

12' 3.25lb Black Widow G50 Carp Rod - £49.99

12' 3.50lb Black Widow G50 Carp Rod - £49.99

12' 4.50lb Black Widow G50 Spod Rod - £55.99


Daiwa Emcast Carp 12' 3½lbDaiwa Emcast Carp 12' 3½lb
SAVE £46.00 OFF RRP!

Slim and stealthy looking the Emcast range compliment their BR reel counterpart very well.

With blank diameter and finish more common on higher price ranges all models feature a 50mm butt guide and shrink grip handles.

Features include:
* Slim powerful blanks
* Matt low glare finish
* Fuji DPS reel seat
* EVA fore grip with aluminium trim ring
* 50mm double leg butt guide(single leg intermediates guides)
* Slim abbreviated shrink tube rear handle
* Aluminium butt cap with logo

RRP £115.00

J&K Price: £69.99


Daiwa Whisker DF 12ftDaiwa Whisker DF 12ft
SAVE £55.00 OFF RRP!

Benefitting from the development and design pedigree of the amazing Infinity DF and Longbow DF ranges these ‘UK made’ Whisker models truly are a breakthrough in rod design.

Thanks to the close input and thorough field testing from Danny Fairbrass and his Korda colleagues, combined with the amazing skills of our UK design team, we have created a range of carp rods that are set to amaze.

Finished and furnished to the same ‘custom build’ spec as the DF family the Whiskers also carry trademark 50mm butt guides with the same spacings as the higher spec models.

No other company can offer a totally UK made carp rod with this level of performance at this level of price. Welcome the Whisker DF.

* Innovative blank design and carbon technology
* TS lined guides
* 50mm butt guide
* DPS reel seat
* Silk Matt blank
* Slim shrink tube handle
* Flared butt end
* Matt black butt cap

RRP £195.00

J&K Price: £140.00

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Daiwa Infinity DF Special 12ftDaiwa Infinity DF Special 12ft
SAVE UP TO £105.00 OFF RRP!!

Daiwa have taken the tried and trusted Magnum Taper profile, used for many years by top European carp anglers and given Danny Fairbrass the freedom to design his own specification and finish.
The result is a highly distinctive but subtle look using a low glare silk matt finish and selected medium profile, high diameter SiC guides. With a butt guide of 50mm the following intermediates of 38mm and 32mm they are designed to ‘funnel’ the line travel towards the tip. A set up that is preferred by big hitters out there.

Delivering Danny’s own look too is the handle combination. Starting with a Fuji reel seat and stainless steel trim rings the handle maintains an elegant feel thanks to the profiled NS grip that continues to the butt. Flared at the end for better gripping this stylised treatment is finished off with a stainless steel butt cap.

RRP £375.00 - 3.25lb
RRP £385.00 - 3.75lb

J&K Price: £279.99

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J&K Tackle |  Carp Gear |  Rods |  Daiwa