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Korda Krank Hooks

Korda Krank Hooks


NEW FOR 2014!!!

This pattern is the brainchild of Tom Dove, who was looking to design a pattern of hook that had the aggressive sweeping shank of the Kurv Shank, with an enormous gape for maximum purchase and hooking potential. Throw in an offset point too and you have the Krank, a hook that's such a good hooker it's best used with a simple knotless knot setup!

Tom had simple setups like his own 'muzza' in mind when he began the development process, but the end product is a much more versatile beast that ensures that not only will you hook more fish, but you'll land more too!

Key features:
* Super-sharp, beaked point.
* In-turned eye.
* Micro barb.
* Offset point.
* Curved shank.
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The Krill Boilies - Shelf Life

The Krill Boilies - Shelf Life

Harnessing one of the most nutritional micro-organisms known to man, The Krill Boilies have been tailored to perfectly suit the carp’s dietary requirements leaving them actively hunting out the bait as an ideal food source.

Not only does the inclusion of Krill add to the nutritional profile of the bait, it is also highly regarded in the aquaculture industry as one of the greatest natural "flavours" and stimulates fish into a feeding frenzy.

Whilst Krill may be the namesake of the range, this devastating boilie comprises of a staggering twenty-five different ingredients including a couple of little gems to which we attribute the baits immeasurable success. As much as Sticky Baits love the open and honest approach... They've got to have the odd little secret!

During the testing stages it was clear that the bait was going to be a huge success, but it wasn’t until the bait was released that we realised just how much of an impact it would have on the carp bait world. Since it’s release in March, the bait has accounted for an unreal amount of big fish, and even if we do say so ourselves, it’s undeniably a classic in the making!
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Daiwa Floor It - 1000m

Daiwa Floor It - 1000m


Floor It is a 100% fluorocarbon mainline that offers the multitude of benefits over other monofils. Sharing the same light diffraction value as water this line has incredibly low visibility when submerged. It also sinks to the deck allowing for slack line set ups. This also contributes to resist water tow when fishing at distance. DPLS ensures it is spooled with incredible accuracy.
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J&K £10 Gift Vouchers

J&K 10 Gift Vouchers


Vouchers can be spent against anything in the store!

Carriage on sales of vouchers are FREE via recorded delivery (change the carriage charge to £0.00 when you checkout).

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Prestige MK4S Carp Porter

Prestige MK4S Carp Porter


SAVE £25.00 OFF RRP!
NEW 2013 SPEC.!

Features that include:
New reinforced crossbar in handle for extra stability
New bearings
New comfortable ergonomic handle grips
New reinforced side bars and front bars with extra width extension
New wider extra stability extending rear legs
New Precision Handknobs

RRP £199.95
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The Krill White Ones

The Krill White Ones


As the name suggests, The Krill "White Ones" are striking white pop-ups that offer you a great visual edge when bites are hard to come by fishing their traditional food bait counterpart.

As well as the fluoro colour, these little beauties also have boosted attractor levels to really help them stand out and steal you those extra pick-ups.

The 12mm’s are great for both zigs and snowman presentations, where as the 16mm’s are ideal for the ultra-popular chod rigs and will keep a big hook up indefinitely; we believe these two sizes should cater for all occasions.

Supplied in 12mm or 16mm diameter, in 100g tubs.
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