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Korda Heli Safe Lead Release System

Korda Heli Safe Lead Release System


NEW FOR 2015!!!

For many years, the Holy Grail of product development has been a simple and reliable way to drop leads when fishing with helicopter rigs. We’re pleased to announce that Korda has managed to crack this conundrum and the resulting product, the Heli Safety System, will be ready for launch very soon (what’s more, it’s a streamlined thing of beauty!).
Korda’s head of product development, Tom Dove, explained why there’s a niche for such a product, "For a long time people have been using the helicopter rig as their go-to presentation for fishing in weed, particularly with chod rigs. The problem with a conventional helicopter rig is that having the lead fixed to the end of the leader while fishing in weed causes lots of problems, particularly with lost fish. Dropping the lead is the best solution."
Now, there will undoubtedly be people who question the ethical case for dropping of a lead under most circumstances. Well, the clever bit about the Heli Safety System is that it will ONLY ever jettison the lead when a fish is hooked, so there is no unnecessary dumping of expensive leads. Indeed, it can also be set to retain the lead too, which vastly increases its versatility. This immediately makes it the most complete helicopter lead system out there.
As Tom points out, the Heli Safety System also opens up new presentation avenues for us, "The use of large leads has always been a bit of an issue with helicopter rigs too, especially with the chod rig, well that problem is gone now. We are able to use as big a lead as we like, safe in the knowledge that it will release once a fish is hooked, and never before. This really is something a bit special and something we are all very proud of." So, the new system truly opens up realistic and safe long-range chod fishing, without the need for dissolving foam, or PVA!
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Trakker Thermal Bedchair Cover

Trakker Thermal Bedchair Cover




The Thermal Bedchair Cover is a must for every carp angler. Perfect for the long session angler, or equally at home on those quick overnighters.
The cover can be used on its own in summer, or when the weather starts to turn cold, it can be used on top of a sleeping bag to give an extra level of warmth and comfort.

Product Features:
* Fits all standard-sized Trakker bedchairs - Levelite Bed, RLX Flat-6 Bed & RLX 6-Leg Bedchair.
* Fully waterproof and breathable
* Soft fleece-lined inner for ultimate warmth
* Bedchair fixing sleeve to stop the cover from slipping
* Four elasticated straps to aid fixing to the bedchair
* Subtle branding
* Supplied in its own carrybag
* Designed to fit the majority of bedchairs

Technical Specifications:
* 2-3 season rating (converts Big Snooze+ to 5 season)
* Material: Polyester outer, soft-feel fleece inner
* Weight: 1.5kg
* Dimensions: Length: 215cm x Width: 134cm

RRP £54.99
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Trakker Bodywarmer

Trakker Bodywarmer


SAVE £20.00 OFF RRP!

This super warm contemporary styled bodywarmer is designed for keeping you warm without sacrificing any movement of your arms.

Practical on and off the bank.

* Super-warm contemporary styled Bodywarmer
* 100% Polyester
* PUcoated water resistant outer
* Fleece lined inner
* Warm and comfortableTwo handwarmer pockets
* Subtle styling

RRP £44.99
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J&K £10 Gift Vouchers

J&K 10 Gift Vouchers


Vouchers can be spent against anything in the store!

Carriage on sales of vouchers are FREE via recorded delivery (change the carriage charge to £0.00 when you checkout).

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Nash Indulgence Mark 4

Nash Indulgence Mark 4


SAVE £69.00 OFF RRP!!

The angling world’s best-selling bedchairs!

Manufactured from the highest quality fabrics, fillings and aero-aluminium, utilising engineering principles and technology to guarantee you the ultimate in comfort and strength.

* Enhanced double gauge, aero-light aluminium frame. Indulgence™ is your guarantee of maximum strength.
* Double braced legs formed from flat extrusions marry the frame design to achieve total rigidity.
* Detachable double-foam filled mattress.
* Super soft fleece pillow.
* Unique Triggalock leg adjustment system.
* Pivoting, extra-large, sure-foot mud-feet enhance stability and load spread on soft ground.
* Unique Nash patented hand wheel that eliminates frame jamming ensuring easy opening and closing of your bedchair.
* Underside zipped wallet/valuables pocket

RRP £248.99
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The Krill White Ones

The Krill White Ones


As the name suggests, The Krill "White Ones" are striking white pop-ups that offer you a great visual edge when bites are hard to come by fishing their traditional food bait counterpart.

As well as the fluoro colour, these little beauties also have boosted attractor levels to really help them stand out and steal you those extra pick-ups.

The 12mm’s are great for both zigs and snowman presentations, where as the 16mm’s are ideal for the ultra-popular chod rigs and will keep a big hook up indefinitely; we believe these two sizes should cater for all occasions.

Supplied in 12mm or 16mm diameter, in 100g tubs.
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